About Liberty Dawn

Liberty Dawn is an actress, writer, keynote speaker, teacher and producer. Her aim is to empower people with knowledge and skills that are invaluable, not only in the arts but also in life.

Professional acting experience began in the middle of Liberty's life while her love and respect for the arts began as a small child. Her grandmother and parents cultivated a great love for actors, theatre, and music—teaching Liberty about the power of reaching people through storytelling.


"Where communication can oftentimes feel impossible within politics, religion, and academia, the freedom to express oneself through various forms of artistic media continues to grow stronger everyday," she says.


This sentiment was further solidified in Liberty’s mind after receiving her formal training at the infamous Stella Adler Academy in Hollywood, CA—a place, she says, "saved [her] life." Liberty has since had the pleasure of being in theatrical stage plays and performances, as well as being called upon as a speaker to address today’s issues such as suicide , depression, purpose, and abortion.

Liberty’s passion is to reach the globe with creative, artistic works that serve not only to entertain, but also to heal, strengthen, and unify humanity. Building upon that goal, Liberty has been active in transferring what she's learned to elementary, middle and high school children as well as the Senior community. She is grateful to have been invited to work with Young Storytellers, The Brooks and Brooks Foundation, Urban Village, The Acting Academy & Musik Korner, MyTstudios, Encino Terrace Senior Living, Atria Senior Living, and Bel Air MNBS. 

Liberty’s teaching, coaching and mentoring, whether through the arts or biblical studies, is driven by her love for God and people.


“As I reach for entelechy, my desire is always to pull someone else up, hoping that they, too, may fulfill their purpose and not take it to the grave fully intact. It’s never just about me...or you, it’s always been about us. I want my life to reflect that.”

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