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About Liberty Dawn

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Liberty Dawn is a prophetic teacher, minister, actress, author, and producer. Her passion is contributing to the healing and liberation of souls through creative, theatrical works and by sharing the science of Yahweh's life-giving Words. 

Professional acting experience began in the middle of Liberty's life while her love and respect for the arts began as a small child. Her grandmother and parents cultivated a great respect for actors, theatre, and music—teaching Liberty about the power of reaching people through storytelling.


"Where communication can oftentimes feel impossible within politics, religion, and academia, the freedom to express oneself through various forms of artistic media continues to grow stronger everyday," she says.


This sentiment was further solidified for Liberty after receiving her formal training at the infamous Stella Adler Academy in Hollywood, CA—a place, she says, "saved [her] life." Liberty has since had the pleasure of being in theatrical stage plays and performances, as well as being called upon as a speaker to share how she overcame generational 

depression, addiction, abortion trauma, suicide, and how we prepare to enter the Kingdom of Heaven.

Liberty’s teaching, whether through biblical studies or the arts, is fueled by her love

and passion for Jesus and people of all nations, which she believes is "necessary

to transcend the weakening obsession over differences of color and race." 


Liberty's hope is to reach the four corners of the earth with creative, "transformindional" works that serve not only to entertain but also enlighten, heal, strengthen, and UNIFY. Subsequently, Liberty has been active in sharing her prophetic teaching gift with women, children, and artists--having a particular affinity for actors in need of healing and restoration from both childhood and role trauma. Liberty has been invited to work as a teacher, minister, speaker, and artist with Young Storytellers, The Brooks and Brooks Foundation, Urban Village, Atria Senior Living, Prayer for Purity, Bel Air Presbyterian Women's Studies, Angel Fire Christian Center, Watchmen on the Wall, Stella Adler Academy of Acting & Theatre, A Light in Dark Places (theatrical works for suicide prevention and awareness), and Acting Academy & Musik Korner for child actors. Her ministry of prayer is consistently called upon to assist families in need of generational healing, Strategic, Theological Counsel and Tactical 

Implementation. Her work in and through Christ is supported by empirical evidence and living testimonies. Liberty enjoys training UP children, women, and actors in their Faith Development, teaching them how to be led by the Holy Spirit and, therefore, to have the winning advantage in every situation.

"Empirical, spiritual knowledge of the mysteries of God must be shared. We cannot learn this information solely from books; it is birthed from the fire of our experience and relationship with Elohim." 

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