Our Mission

Teaching the practicality and supremacy of the Word of God, through artistic, imaginative works of Holy Spirit.


Boots on the Ground

The Lord has boots in heaven, and He’s uniting our boots on the ground. Liberty Dawn United has been created to facilitate that reality—uniting people throughout the globe under an umbrella of love, strength, courage, wisdom and freedom.  We are not married to a political party, an ethnicity, or a religion, but we are married to the TRUTH, and we rededicate ourselves to apprehending that truth for the present generation and for those who will come after us.


At Liberty Dawn United, we are rebuilding the broken, the forgotten, and the neglected—one word at a time, one message at a time, through teaching, film, music, literature, and spoken word.  We understand that we are connected to one another, which keeps us grounded in the reality that we must be “our brother’s keeper,” while being about our Father’s business. We vow to keep our armor of honor on and our boots strapped as we engage culture and restore unity within a universal divide. At Liberty Dawn United JESUS is our compass, guiding us through the ever present shadows of darkness. We shine His incomparable light in the world, not in words alone but with the Holy Alliance of action. We, therefore, refuse to bow to fear or lend ourselves to pride as we prepare to bring everything under the Son.

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