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United Prayer & Fasting

God, Alone, is Our Bondage Breaker



Thank you for partnering with LDU in obedience to God’s call to arms! One of my assignments is to assist in unifying the divided Body of Christ. This division, the Lord first showed me in a vision in 2016. It was revealed as a disjointed, disconnected ginger bread man that was being stitched together in the seams. I saw countless angel hands sewing the body, rapidly, back together again, in order to make us function at optimum level. Once the stitching was complete, the ginger bread man transformed into a SOLDIER. This soldier represents the Body of Christ, which is destined to become as ONE MAN. In the next vision, this soldier began to stand to his feet and walk, but he walked unbalanced like a toddler still learning to function in this NEWLY born state. In the final vision, this soldier went from walking to RUNNING fast and STRONG. God wants us to see ourselves in this UNIFIED body, being prepared to run fast and strong…being very strong and courageous, full of the perfect love of OUR FATHER. Therefore, have NO FEAR as His Kingdom is coming on earth as it is in Heaven, and YOU are an essential part of God’s plan!


“And this is the plan, to be put into affect when the times reach their fulfillment—to bring UNITY to all things in heaven and on earth, with Christ Jesus as head.” Ephesians 1:10


So as the world is calling for social DISTANCING, God is calling for UNITY, RIGHT NOW,”… “NOT forsaking our own assembling together, as is the habit of some, but encouraging one another; and all the more as [we] see the DAY drawing near.” Hebrews 10:25


The insistence upon social distancing is not coincidental. This tactic has its roots in the spirit of division, strategically planned and executed by the spirit of anti-Christ for this time. This spirit is greedy and will keep pushing to see how much it can get away with without any interference from THE CHURCH. The core purpose of this tactic is to try and stop this great move of God as the Lord finishes the process of “RECONCILING ALL THINGS unto HIMSELF.” Colossians 1:20


This virus, along with social distancing, has been a means to an end—one of the means being the DIVIDED STATES of AMERICA versus the UNITED STATES OF AMERICA…, but LET US BE “ONE NATION UNDER GOD, INDIVISIBLE, with LIBERTY & JUSTICE for ALL.” Amen.

The Backstory
COVID & Quarantine

As numerous states have extended the “stay at home order,” as late as July, God is up to something Good! Our times and seasons are determined by His wise, sovereign hands and no one else. Let this bring peace to your souls. His divine LOVE is guiding us through this storm. El Shaddai, our PROTECTOR, says that He is “dealing with the Pharaohs of our day,” so be encouraged! 


God is asking us to be active participants in this life changing moment. It is the RE-BIRTHING and UNIFICATION of His Church, which is riding in upon the wave of a perfect storm. His Body is actually the “central character” and heroine of this divine drama. The central antagonist, which you know, is still satan who is working with human cohorts to try and stop this UNIFYING BODY from coming forth. The catalyst in this saga is the Corona Virus, and the setting is worldwide. 


God is calling willing vessels to UNIFY our efforts in prayer and fasting, reminding us that “the fast [He chooses] will “LOOSE the bonds of injustice, UNTIE the cords of the yoke, let the oppressed go FREE, and BREAK EVERY YOKE” of bondage. Isaiah 58:6

The Lord is asking us to bind/imprison the spirit of fear and to loose the spirit of PERFECT LOVE in its place, as “the one who fears is not [yet] made perfect in love.”1 John 4:18

The Lord says, “the spirit of fear is occupying a position it should not,” within the hearts of His people—those who are the called according to His purpose. The spirit of fear is not capable of casting out the spirit of sickness, which is one of our identifying roles (laying hands on the sick that they may recover), as that would be a house divided against itself. Instead, these two spirits cohabitate.  Therefore, God is asking us to "impregnate the atmosphere with LOVE over the spirit of fear" as there is a birth that's about to take place—the Great Awakening of His PURGED, PURIFIED, MATURED and UNIFIED Church so that we may GLORIFY HIM. The “grand finale” that we are rowing towards is “Christ in YOU, the HOPE of GLORY!”Colossians 1:27 Our works are destined to testify of our King and His Kingdom.


God has been looking forward to this day with GREAT anticipation. His HOPE is in YOU to do, to say, and become His carbon copy in this earth, MANIFESTING His Glorious Identity to those whom have never seen or known Him before. No more words without manifestation. The Lord says that by the time we are finished putting Him on display, in the fullness of what we are called to do, no man will have any ability to say, “I never knew, I never saw, I never heard.” He is about to make a distinction in this earth between those who are truly His and those who are not. The BRIDE is being called to READY HERSELF and to GET DRESSED! The wedding dress of the Bride of Christ is comprised of “the righteous acts of God’s holy people.”Revelation 19:8 We get dressed by what we do.


God is delivering us from ritual and religiosity—breaking us free from the traditions of men and re-connecting us to HIS POWERFUL move of the HOLY SPIRIT with signs, wonders, and miracles following those who BELIEVE.Mark 16:17

However, the GLORIFICATION of the Church is preceded by the HUMBLING of the Church, which is precisely where we are now—the place where HUMILITY precedes honor Proverbs 18:12 (so that God’s vessels do not become puffed up, glorying in self as opposed to The Glory Giver)

Think about this process in terms of a pregnancy; the physicians declare a “due date,” but it is only God that determines the actual date of the baby’s arrival. God, alone, knows how much more soul weaning, spiritual maturing, and obedience needs to be developed in quarantine. So, this “womb of sequester” will open at the right time. In the meantime, we engage in the preparation to exit by our repentance, obedience, and getting to the things He has asked us to do or complete.  So, let us not fret about man’s prideful proclamations about how long we will be on lock down as God is our Divine Judge, and He, alone, holds the keys to our release. Finally, in obedience to His heavenly tactics and strategies we PREPARE OURSELVES to be set FREE. 


We are fasting and praying (spiritually warring) AGAINST the following areas of bondage:

  1. FEAR- our PRIMARY TARGET in the Body of Christ

  2. Spiritual blindness & apathy in the Body of Christ  

  3. Pride--within the Body of Christ

  4. Division & Strife in the Body of Christ


We are fasting and praying FOR:


  1. Our families

  2. Our communities

  3. Our country

  4. The World (church, govt., family, education, healthcare, business & marketplace, entertainment & media)


Fast Option 1- One meal per day (Choice of breakfast, Lunch or Dinner) No Meat, bread or fatty carbs. Fish ok

Fast Option 2- Liquids throughout the day (Choice of non-dairy milks, water, herbal teas, apple juice, green drinks with low acid fruit & veggies) 

***Make your main meal spiritual food--alternating between prayer, worship & praise, listening for God's voice & focused meditation /so when hunger pains strike. breath and pray...praise through them. You've got this, in Jesus name. Amen.

Where We Are...
Where We're Going

The Lord says that we have been behaving no different than the church in Corinth saying, "I am of Paul" and another "I am of Apollos." God wants to remind us that this kind of thinking, although spoken over 2000 yrs ago, is NO different than saying, “I am Catholic," and " I am Presbyterian," and "I am Non-denominational," and "I am Pentecostal." We are only to be ONE in Christ as God is One. This former mindset is an indicator of how much we’ve still been functioning largely in carnality...saved by the blood, yet carnal, worldly and lacking in effectiveness because we are stronger TOGETHER than operating apart. God has assigned each of us a task to do RIGHT NOW, but even within our unique, individual tasks, God is weaving them together for the strength of the whole. What is at hand has everything to do with the PREPARATION and GLORIFICATION of God's Church so that lost souls might be WON to CHRIST! 


We are arising from the ashes of lukewarmness & fear in order to REVEAL God's true IDENTITY in POWER—utilizing miracles, signs & wonders, as well as OUR God given GIFTS and CALLING, operating in LOVE, HARMONY and EXCELLENCE. These manifestations are COMING BACK into a UNIFIED BODY who is preparing to be His BRIDE! This is happening. So God says, PREPARE YOURSELF & WORK TOGETHER! He says we are to be like Nehemiah, prepared for the fight and building at the same time. 


God says He is breaking off the spirit of lethargy and lackadaisical concern—the "3 hots and a cot" mentality, which says, “I know where I stand with and mine are fine." He says we are to behave like a FAMILY of BELIEVERS who has genuine concern, looking out for the needs of one another. This is the BODY of CHRIST, not the individual MEMBERS of Christ! The image of how the Lord wants us to function is at the center of this page. It is called a “tri-reme,” which is a war ship. This vessel, in times past, also served as a slave ship where slaves, in the galley of the ship, rowed together, in unison, utilizing three banks of oars. Their movement and efforts were synchronized to accelerate the speed and effectiveness of the vessel. This is how we are to function from now on, as a UNITED BODY.  

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