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The secret Place

"...Leave the company of ignorant people, and Live! Follow the way of knowledge." Proverbs 9:6 

If you're seeking peace during these turbulent times, where many voices are calling out to you, offering advice, I invite you to create a space dedicated solely for meeting with the Lord. Learn to listen for His voice before you entertain anyone else. 

Déjà Fait (dā"zhä fay), meaning "already done" is a reminder to me that when I can BELIEVE in God's goodness for my life, in His love that covers me in every circumstance...then, the assistance I ask for, in prayer, has already been accomplished. And according to His perfect will and plan for my life, I don't have to be afraid; neither do I need to worry. In Christ alone, every trial we face is truly Déjà Fait. Amen!

Here are some items I take, daily, into my secret place with Jesus: My bible, my essential prayer journal, a hot detox drink, and a pillow to kneel on in prayer. Create your space with love, joy, and purpose. Enjoy!