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If you're seeking peace during these turbulent times, where many voices are calling out to you, offering both their advice and their fears, I invite you to create a space dedicated solely for meeting with the Lord Jesus in PRAYER. Whether you address Him as "Jesus" or by His Hebraic name, "Yeshua," LEARN to listen for His voice--His uncut, pure wisdom before you entertain the voice of anyone else. 

Here are some things I take, daily, into my secret place with Jesus: a grateful heart to be alive, a readiness to hear, a spirit of humility, a childlike faith, a boldness to ASK questions, a spirit of honor, understanding that I'm approaching The Sovereign King...along with My bible, prayer journal, hot detox drink, and a pillow to kneel in prayer.

Create your sacred meeting space with the Lord NOW, in 2024, if you've never done so before. Wherever you choose to set up "camp" with Him, do it with a childlike expectation that Jesus, the King of kings, will meet you right there! This is the SUPERNATURAL LIFE you were made to experience--one that hears and communicates back with the CREATOR of the UNIVERSE!!! I know that the Lord will meet you right where you are, even if that current space is chaos. Let Him establish your space in Peace the way ONLY HE CAN.

Last, this awesome mystery and reality awaits you when you set up your secret place to meet with Yeshua: He says that if you draw close to Him that HE WILL DRAW CLOSE to YOU! If you COME CLOSE to Him, He will come close to you!

So the ball is in your court. The only question is, how close do you really want to be? Break away from any person, place, or thing that tries to hold you back from contacting Him! I encourage you to establish your consistent meeting place and make CONTACT with HEAVEN TODAY!!! He's waiting for you:)

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